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Beauty fans 'need' this 'perfect' make

Feb 03, 2024

Wednesday, 2 August 2023 14:07

By Amanda Flannery

A genius make-up bag has been going viral online, with fans saying they "need" it in their lives.

If like a lot of us, you spend ages every morning rooting through your make-up bag trying to find that one product that always ends up at the bottom, then this might be for you.

A genius make-up bag that opens out to display all the items inside has been going viral online.

Sharing a clip showing how it works on TikTok, @cosmequic wrote: "My life will never be the same again...See all your makeup at once."

See all of your makeup at once 😍 #makeupbag #makeuphacks #beautyessentials

Beauty fans have been reacting to the genius product after it went viral on the video sharing platform.

One viewer wrote: "Just went online to get one for my daughter."

Another commented: "I need need need this!"

While one other added: "I actually may have been influenced."

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