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LNT Seafood is 'Doing It Different'

Mar 17, 2024


PRESTON, Md. - At LNT Seafood in Preston crabs are being bagged and food is being prepared.

In the corner of the business, a place is reserved for people in need. This special area is called Doing It Different or DID. It's a spot where anyone can pick up a drawstring bag of food so they don't have to worry about feeding their family.

Lindsey Vanous, owner of LNT Seafood and creator of DID says it's the most fulfilling work she's done.

"They're budgeting dinner or whether to keep the lights on. It just got to me. It was repetitive like I kept on seeing it. It wasn't this big 'Ahah' moment. But it just occurred to me one day like I got to do something," says Vanous.

Vanous says the process to receive the bag is a discrete process, too. Customers just have say is 'I'm here to pickup my order' and a bag will be ready or prepared. Vanous added that she will even run walk outside to hand the bags to the recipient in the car.

"Some people just show up. I have repeat families. Sometimes it's situational where the van broke down or the washing machine went out and they don't have the extra money to suffice for groceries or for anything else," says Vanous.

Mary Ellen Griffiths was in the store Friday to take advantage of the kindness being offered.

"Everybody's struggling you know. Everything is going up but our pay is not. My daughter is a stay at home mom right now and I try to help out as much as I can. But things get low and you know it helps feed the kids," says Griffiths.

Local businesses and neighbors like Dorothy Schuch help to donate the food.

"I've never been hungry. I've never had to be hungry. I think this is an opportunity for us to sort of pay it forward," says Schuch.

A local business - doing it different.